W S Parsons Limited

Business Address

Registered Office: Station Road, Tenterden, Kent TN30 6HE
Telephone: 01580 762627
email: enquiries@wsparsons.co.uk

W S Parsons Ltd's Renewable Renewable Energy Systems

W. S. Parsons Ltd have recognised the importance of renewable energy systems , embraced the technology and it’s place in current building design and services.

We have trained our staff in installation works associated with renewable energies and can provide the expertise required to integrate these systems into building services.

Our particular interest is in P.V. (photo-voltaic) systems which can be adapted for most buildings and in providing electrical services to integrate with other types of renewable energy sources.

Should you require further information please contact us on 01580 762627.

W S Parsons Ltd have earned an excellent reputation and have adapted to acquire new areas of expertise as required. A very reliable Company with dedicated experts across a wide range of electrical areas...
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