W S Parsons Limited

Business Address

Registered Office: Station Road, Tenterden, Kent TN30 6HE
Telephone: 01580 762627
email: enquiries@wsparsons.co.uk

W S Parsons Ltd's Planned Planned Maintenance & Inspections

Pre-planned maintenance can be an effective means of keeping Building and Business running costs low.

Whether your premises are an open plan office or a small production facility, problems identified and fixed early can save hundreds of pounds and hours of disruption.

Typically we can identify:

Replacement of inefficient or worn out lamps, which can transform your workplace into a bright cheerful place of work and save you running costs with more energy efficient lamps and light sources.

Worn out control gear, loose switches and similar make do arrangements will put you at risk of
expensive down time, often at the most inconvenient moment; get this checked out and have peace of mind.

Overloaded circuits which have been added to over the years and now are running dangerously hot with consequent risk of failure and fire.

Don't take the risk, contact us on 01580 762627 for further information.

W S Parsons Ltd have earned an excellent reputation and have adapted to acquire new areas of expertise as required. A very reliable Company with dedicated experts across a wide range of electrical areas...
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