W S Parsons Limited

Business Address

Registered Office: Station Road, Tenterden, Kent TN30 6HE
Telephone: 01580 762627
email: enquiries@wsparsons.co.uk

Lighting Upgrades and Improvements

In conjunction with carefully selected lighting manufacturers we have available an effective system to provide you with a complete lighting installation solution.

We can provide a seamless process to enable your premises to have the very latest in lighting
equipment, offering exceptional value for money.

A complete, fully priced and designed scheme can be made available together with projections on
installation, running and capital pay back costs.

Removal and certificated disposal of waste lamps is part of our service provision in this area.

Energy efficiency is very much at the core of what we offer and with this in mind we pay particular
attention to carbon trust initiatives and other energy conservation schemes.

Fully automated lighting controls using presence detectors, daylight sensing and dimming equipment further underline the options available to control and reduce your lighting energy costs.

Should you be in the market for lighting contact us at www.wsparsons.co.uk or alternatively phone
on 01580 762627.

W S Parsons Ltd have earned an excellent reputation and have adapted to acquire new areas of expertise as required. A very reliable Company with dedicated experts across a wide range of electrical areas...
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