W S Parsons Limited

Business Address

Registered Office: Station Road, Tenterden, Kent TN30 6HE
Telephone: 01580 762627
email: enquiries@wsparsons.co.uk

W S Parsons Ltd's Fire Alarms & Emergency Lighting

Fire and Emergency lighting systems are installed in buildings to provide life and property protection safeguards.

W. S. Parsons Ltd are able to offer advice and installation work on both fire and emergency lighting systems for your particular premises, with full back up from approved equipment suppliers.

British Standards BS5839 (fire alarms) and BS5266 (emergency lighting) require certain standards of Installation, according to usage, which will meet minimum level s of protection for the building user.

We can assist you on the correct selection of equipment to satisfy the regulations and carry out the installation and certification of these systems, for further information contact us on 01580 762627.

W S Parsons Ltd have earned an excellent reputation and have adapted to acquire new areas of expertise as required. A very reliable Company with dedicated experts across a wide range of electrical areas...
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